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Soft-Down Support Stays


For downward-opening lids (bureaus, buffets, wine glass cabinets); SDS-C100 holds door in fully closed position.
Recommended door thickness 20mm (25/32")
Non-latching type (SDS-100) and Short-Arm type (SDS-100TV, SDS-C100TV) also available - please contact Sugatsune for more information on these products.

Available in black (BLK) or white (WHT)

Applicable torque range:
Per piece: 35 ~ 50 kg-cm (30 ~ 43 lbs-inch)
Per pair: 70 ~ 100 kg-cm (60 ~ 86 lbs-inch)
(torque rating = lid height x lid weight x 1/2)
Not load bearing.

Please feel free to send us an email ( if you have any questions about SDS-C100.

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