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Lateral Opening Door System


Innovative laterally swinging hinge system allows door to swing open in a small radius
Can be installed flush with the surrounding cabinetry or wall
Hinge allows door to freely stop in any opened position
Damper function produces soft, self-closing movement
Hardware does not require tracks/rails on floor or ceiling of cabinetry
Designed for standard 32mm system mounting for easy installation; use LIN-X on new or existing cabinets
Available as a standard set or components for custom installations

Designed for use in single or double door configurations in a variety of settings:
 -Residential: entryways, kitchen corners/islands, pantrys, hallways, laundry rooms
 -Retail: prep or gift-wrap stations, information booths
 -Industrial: workbenches, workstations, locker rooms

Please feel free to send us an email ( if you have any questions about LIN-X450.

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